St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Assembly - Anyone Can Learn- Growth Mindset

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."--Phillipians 4:13


Click here to watch the video- 'Magic of Mistakes'

Mrs Downes talked to us about the video clip and about her own running and painting abilities.

A growth mindset is the best way to ensure you develop the talents that you have and continue to improve. I will never run faster than Usain Bolt – I don’t have the physique. But if I train hard and work at it, I will run faster than I can run now. I am unlikely to paint a masterpiece. But if I go to classes, practice and work at it, my painting will improve. If I don’t believe that I can improve – if I believe that my running or painting ability is fixed – then I won’t work at it and I definitely won’t get any better.

 Mrs Downes also shared a poster that gave 10 reasons why failure is important.

Mrs downes finished with a prayer and asked us to think carefully about all the things we had talked about.


Dear Lord,

We are all full of different hopes, ambitions, worries and talents.

Each one of us is a valuable member of this school community.

 During this year, help us to remember what is important and of value to us in our lives.

 Help us to develop in ourselves and in our school the values of:

of sharing, co-operation and working together to the best of our ability.