St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Welcome to Year 1

We are using visual Literacy of 'Lily and the Snowman' to base our writing on.


 The Nativity 2019
Born in a Barn
We were part of the Nativity performance 'Born in a Barn' with Reception and Year One. We had a fantastic time performing it, our parents and staff were so proud of us.







Home Learning


Please find below a list of websites suitable for Year 1 and Year 2 for maths support.

Key Stage One - lots of useful information for parents working with maths - Twinkl is a fantastic site full of resources. Please sign up for free to make use of any resources use code UKTWINKLHELPS - we use ‘White Rose Maths’ as our main source of maths learning. They have uploaded videos of home learning to use which is organised into year groups. – a range of fun interactive maths games – Hit the button is a favourite - full of maths games and resources

Numberblocks is a fantastic program that children love to watch all about number. Find episodes on BBC iPlayer and YouTube - lots of lovely activities and ideas that involve little resources. - video clips and ideas to help understand maths concepts – count to 100 song – children love this!

Phonics and Reading

Please find below a list of websites suitable for  Year 1 and Year 2 for phonics support.  

EYFS and Key Stage One

CBeebies bedtime stories – lots of clips on the CBeebies and BBC iPlayer for children to hear stories. - lots of songs and rhymes to support your child. Rhyming and singing are the first steps to reading.

Alphablocks is a lovely program to support children recognising their sounds and blending words together. Find videos on BBC iPlayer and YouTube. - lots of phonics games the children recognise. Currently have a free log in on the website to use to access all resources. - lots of phonics games. Not all games are free but look through and you will find some in the ‘Phase 2’ ‘Phase 3’ ‘Phase 4’ and ‘Phase 5’ – lots of phonics games - Twinkl is a fantastic site full of resources. Please sign up for free to make use of any early years resources use code UKTWINKLHELPS - lots of online books. Sign up for free!!! (either using your class log in or create your own log in). Not all eBooks are free but LOTS ARE. - videos of our phonics scheme, the sounds we use and how we say them - interactive phonics games - some online resources that can be used to support phonics - pictures are an amazing tool for reading and comprehension. Look at the images each day and use the questions underneath or create your own to discuss the picture with your child. - pictures are an amazing tool for reading and comprehension. Look at the images each day and use the questions underneath or create your own to discuss the picture with your child.


Welcome to Year 1


Miss Flanagan welcomes all the Year 1 children to her classroom and looks forward to an exciting year ahead.

In Year 1 we continue our exciting learning journey building upon our Reception Class experiences.

In the Autumn term we make every effort for a smooth transition from EYFS. We gradually progress from play -based learning to more a conventional learning style which allows us to work through the Year 1 curriculum effectively.

During Year 1 we try to follow Jesus' example as much as possible, and this is reinforced through all our lessons. We know that it is important to always try our best and work hard. We realise that we must be respectful to others and realise that our actions have consequences. 


Autumn term 2019

'Memory Box'

 In Year One, we are learning all about our past, our family tree, and how life used to be in the past. We are continuing to visit the local old residents home each week to take part in a variety of activities such as: a superhero party, planting and art and craft. The residents at the care home have been very helpful in our new topic as they have been talking to us about how they and their lives are similar and different to us now.

We loved designing a mask to wear at the party!


We are also continuing with 'Wellie Wednesday', something we had great fun doing in Reception. During an afternoon, we are going outside to explore the environment and world we live in. We have linked this to our art work looking for primary and secondary colours in nature, then moving on to warm and cold colours. 








To finish our wonderful first half term in Year One, we had the chance to work with our parents at an 'Art Workshop' focused around the theme of Autumn. 
Take a look at some pictures of our wonderful work!

Autumn 2 

'How we used to live' 

 Year One are taking a trip into the past to learn about how people used to live.  This links very well with their previous topic and allows the children to continue to build their historical skills of the past and how the world has changed over time. 

In Literacy, we have started a new text 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. We love her writing and remember reading her book 'Traction Man' in Reception. 

We have learned all about our inspirational person, Florence Nightingale. She was a nurse in the Crimean War who helped save the lives of many injured soldiers. We have recalled lots of facts about her life and spent time sequencing her story as a whole class.
Do you know why she is called the lady of the lamp?


 We were very lucky to go on a school trip the 'Black Country Living Museum' to experience how life was many years ago. We visited the different houses and shops and even went to a Victorian school to see how it is similar and different to our school.



Spring 1

'Arctic Adventures'


Brrrrr, it's cold in Year One this half term as they explore some of the coldest places on earth in their new topic! They are learning all about the Polar Regions in their fantastic topic 'Arctic Adventures'.