St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


Monday 13th October 2014


Arrived at Kingswood 2.30pm


The children enjoyed touring their new surroundings.

They soon learned where everything was!

The children have settled well into their dormitories and made themselves at home.


5.30pm Dinner

The children enjoyed pizza or tacos for tea.  

The children then worked in two groups.


Group 1- Circus Skills                             Group2- Fencing


The children had a great time during the circus skills session and enjoyed learning to juggle, use the diablo, walk on stilts and spin plates.

 The fencing group learned how to salute, adopt the attacking and defensive positions, of foil fencing.

On Guard!


Evening Activity 7.45pm

Together the groups completed  'Scrapheap Challenge'


The children are busily working in teams to use scrap to protect a water balloon. The team whose balloon can be thrown, in its protective covering, without breaking will be victorious!