St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust, said: ‘A love of writing can unlock children’s imaginations, aspirations and academic potential.’

St Peter's Free Writing

Bestselling author-illustrator Cressida Cowell and the National Literacy Trust are launched  FREE WRITING – a brand new schools campaign designed to encourage primary school children to write for pleasure.

Their aim is to inspire children to write whatever they choose in a designated notebook. All teachers, but particularly those teaching Key Stage 2, are encouraged to allow children to free-write in a notebook. Crucially, these books are entirely off-limits to teachers and parents, allowing children the freedom to write whatever and however they choose, without the fear of criticism.

Cressida is as passionate about encouraging children to write for pleasure as she is about reading for pleasure, which has the ability to enhance a child’s prospects. Research from the National Literacy Trust shows that writing for enjoyment boosts a child’s writing behaviour, confidence, motivation and academic attainment.

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