St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


Storytelling Competition

We Are Writers is a fantastic way to encourage and celebrate creative writing in your setting from Scholastic and offers children a unique opportunity to see their own writing published in a real book. This year, we’re launching an exciting new competition to find storytelling stars.

Each term, we’re teaming up with an author who will provide a story-starter or inspiration for children to submit their own piece of creative writing. If a pupil from your school is selected as our winner, you will receive 50 copies of your very own We Are Writers book worth £299, filled with your pupils’ creative writing – and published completely for free! Your school will also win £100 worth of free books for your library and the winning pupil will win £50 of books for themselves.

This term, bestselling author and past-Children’s Laureate, Michael Rosen provides the inspiration to get those creative juices flowing and get your children writing.

Story writing can just be playing with stories that already exist.

Look at very simple stories like The Three Little Pigs or Cinderella and look at the characters, look at the setting and look at the plot. Now imagine you can change any of these things.


Story: Cinderella

Character: Cinderella, a young girl

Setting: A ballroom

Plot: Cinderella wants to go to a ball but her evil Stepmother says she can't. Her fairy godmother arrives and uses magic so that she can go. At the ball she falls in love with a prince but has to go home before midnight, leaving her shoe. The prince searches for the girl whose foot fits the shoe. He finds Cinderella, they get married and live happily ever after.

Now imagine instead:

Character: A Martian

Setting: The school gym

Plot: A Martian wants to go to a school disco but his parents say he can't.

What could happen next with this new setting and character? Will the Martian fall in love at the dance or maybe meet some new friends? What important thing could he leave behind?