St Peter's Catholic

Primary School

"Loved by Jesus, we love, we learn, we live and grow together for Him"

Catholic Social Teaching

Welcome to St. Peter’s School, where our commitment to Catholic Social Teaching underscores our belief that each of us has the power to contribute to a world that is just and compassionate. Rooted in Scripture and inspired by the teachings of Jesus found in the Gospels, we embrace the call to follow in His footsteps, spreading love and care to all corners of our community and beyond. It is our shared vocation to embody the virtues exemplified by Jesus and the saints throughout history, striving to enhance the well-being of our world.


At St. Peter’s, these principles are interwoven throughout our curriculum and permeate our everyday actions. As your child embarks on their spiritual journey with us, they will explore these foundational principles:

  1. Dignity of the Human Person
  2. Family and Community
  3. Solidarity and The Common Good
  4. Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  5. Rights and Responsibilities
  6. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  7. Stewardship of God’s Creation


At St. Peter’s, we are dedicated to nurturing a deep understanding and appreciation of Catholic Social Teaching. Together, as a community, we strive to empower your child to make a positive impact on the world, guided by the timeless values inherent in our faith.

Please see below for our Catholic Social Teaching Plan.


CAFOD Live Simply Award

In December 2023, we were awarded the CAFOD Live Simply Award where we were recognised for living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the world's poorest communities. Our environmental projects played a crucial role in achieving the award. We actively engaged in planting willow, constructing planters for growing our own vegetables and investing in a greenhouse to enable year-round food production. These efforts not only contribute to our commitment to sustainability but also foster a deeper connection to the environment.


In the spirit of solidarity, our school community participated in regular collections for St. Chad's and St. Michael's, extending our support to those in need within our immediate community. Additionally, we collectively offered prayers for individuals facing challenges around the globe, emphasising our shared responsibility to stand in solidarity with the less fortunate.


A special well done goes to our dedicated Chaplaincy Team, who led several impactful projects which were instrumental in earning us the Live Simply Award. Their unwavering commitment and passion have inspired us all to be agents of positive change, embodying the values of simplicity, sustainability and solidarity.


We extend our gratitude to the entire school community for their collective effort in making this achievement possible.