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Sensory and/or physical needs

Sensory and/or physical needs


Children and young people who have a disability that may make it difficult for them to manage their everyday life without change or support


This may be because of hearing or visual difficulties, physical disabilities or other medical needs.


Some of the things children and young people with these difficulties might find difficult are:


  • Hearing what others in the classroom or school setting are saying


  • Reading words on books, worksheets or whiteboards that are not made bigger or changed to help them


  • Moving around without the aid of a walking aid or wheelchair


  • Using pencils, scissors, knives and forks and other things that we need to use without changes or support


  • Taking medication without adults helping them


Examples of support available in our school


  • Professional advice from specialist staff


  • Physiotherapy


  • Support from outreach services such as the hearing or visual impairment or physical disability teams


  • Specialist equipment


  • Motor groups


  • Adaptations to the school environment where possible


How we check it is working.


  • Monitoring that the child or young person has full access to a broad and varied curriculum


  • Observations of the child or young person within the school environment


  • Talk to adults who have worked with the child or young person


  • Talk to parents


  • Talk to the child or young person