St Peter's Catholic

Primary School

"Loved by Jesus, we love, we learn, we live and grow together for Him"

Equality Statement

St Peter's Equality Statement 


St Peter's consider equality of opportunity is the right of all members of the school; giving everybody the opportunity to develop their full potential. 


We acknowledge that this is not about ‘treating everybody the same’ but actively promoting and enhancing the self-esteem of pupils both as individuals and as members of groups.  Our policies and procedures are differentiated, as appropriate, to take account of differences of life-experience, outlook and background.  Positive action is taken to support all individuals fairly and fully in order to enable them to achieve their potential.


Our Equality Policy outlines 9 Principles, they include:


  • All learners are of equal value.
  • We recognise and respect difference.
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging.
  • We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development.
  • We aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist.
  • We consult and involve widely.
  • Society as a whole should benefit.
  • We base our practices on sound evidence.
  • Specific equality objectives include; disability, ethnicity and gender.