St Peter's Catholic

Primary School

"Loved by Jesus, we love, we learn, we live and grow together for Him"

Tolerance of Other Faiths

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs


As a Catholic worshiping community, pupils are reminded of their place in a culturally diverse society. This is achieved through our Religious Education curriculum and the spiritual life of the school. Assemblies and class work promote the diversity of society and the right for each person to be respected and valued equally regardless of ability, gender, faith, heritage or race. Our Global Gang also strives to develop the understanding of different faiths and beliefs to the rest of the school and wider community.


We follow the value of Tolerance by: 

  • visiting places of worship for other faiths and receiving visitors from other faiths in school;
  • recognising and celebrating cultural celebrations for children from different countries within our school;
  • raising money for those in need locally and internationally;
  • Global Gang work on other faiths;
  • Culture week which teaches about other faiths and cultures;
  • teaching in Religious Education where links are necessary.