St Peter's Catholic

Primary School

"Loved by Jesus, we love, we learn, we live and grow together for Him"


I warmly welcome you to St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School Website.  This website will give you some information on the aims, organisation and activities of the school.  I hope you will find it useful and that it gives you a flavour of life at St. Peter’s.

We are proud of our Catholic tradition and believe that as well as their physical, intellectual and emotional needs, children need to grow up with insight into the spiritual dimension of life.  Our school aims to provide a continuing Catholic  ethos.  Children are encouraged, to the best of their ability, in a happy and stimulating environment.

We provide a wide range of learning opportunities for all children to help them grow into independent and responsible young people.  We believe that life outside the school is equally important to development.  Children may wish to take advantage of a range of extra – curricular activities, which we offer.

You are entrusting your children into our care, we appreciate that as parents you have a great deal to contribute and we value that tremendously.  We believe that we can only achieve the best for your child if the home and school work together in unison.  Therefore, we hope to work in partnership with you to provide the best possible education for your child.  Parental involvement and close links with our Church and community, creates the happy family atmosphere which we believe is essential to our school, and I cannot understate the value we place upon this.

We are very proud of our school and hope that your child will be happy here and develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to the best of their ability.

Mrs J McAleenan