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Primary School

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4. What are the different types of support available for our learners with SEND at St Peter’s School?

  • Our learners with SEND are supported within an ambitious and inclusive curriculum, ensuring that there is an equality of opportunity for all children including SEND
  • We follow the latest research and follow the Education Endowment Foundation’s ‘Five-a-day’ principle to improve the progress of our learners with SEND
  • We use approaches in the class room which support the long-term memory of knowledge and skills
  • We use pre and post tutoring to revisit previous learning and to prepare for new learning
  • Appropriate ‘scaffolding’ of work ensures that our learners with SEND are mostly working towards the same outcomes as non-SEND children, and are challenged to reach their full potential in every lesson
  • Teachers change what they are teaching or the way they are teaching to help children to learn alongside the rest of the class through reasonable adjustments/adaptations to the curriculum or teaching approach
  • We use assistive technology to support our learners with SEND
  • We have flexible groupings and mixed-ability pairings which are tailored to individual need


As part of a Graduated Response to need, we can offer:

  • Extra support in a small group by an adult to help your child learn the things they are finding difficult
  • Extra support by an adult for a short time during the day to support them in learning
  • Extra support by an adult for a sustained period time during the day to support them in learning
  • Extra support with behavioural/emotional difficulties from the school’s Behaviour and Learning Mentor, Mr Hemming
  • Individual Target Plans (ITPs) that are created to show what your child needs help with. These are continually updated throughout the year and progress is reviewed with parents at least three times a year
  • One Page Plans to support learners with SEND who have life-long disabilities as well as, but not restricted to, learning difficulties
  • Advice from a specialist support teacher or other professionals if required
  • Wider family support through our Pathfinder Family Support Worker, Rebecca Ryland or our Forward Thinking Birmingham Outreach Team, STICK.