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10. How will the teaching be adapted for my child with SEN?

With our ‘Curriculum for All’ our learners with SEND access a full curriculum. We have a set of principles that we work within to ensure that our learners with SEND are supported effectively. These are as follows:

  • Overlearning – our planning incorporates regular opportunities for our learners with SEND to ‘overlearn’ skills and knowledge and commit these to long-term memory
  • Independence – we promote independence in all of our children and regularly plan academic, social and emotional opportunities to support this
  • Application of skills – we regularly plan opportunities for our children to ‘apply’ the skills they have learnt – for our learners with SEND, this is planned more regularly
  • Long-term memory – we promote the acquisition of long-term memory recall through planned activities. We encourage our children to remember more through effective planning, assessment and individualised support
  • Future learning – we are learning about our children in every lesson we teach. We use this information to carefully plan the next stage of their learning, through the model of Accuracy, Fluency and Independence – leading to Transference and Generalisation
  • Class teachers plan lessons according to specific needs of all groups of children in their class, and will ensure your child’s needs are met
  • The curriculum for SEND will be ambitious and challenging and will be adapted to ensure that SEND children achieve their potential
  • Teachers will plan to ‘scaffold’ your child’s learning where appropriate so that they work towards the same outcomes of other children- this may mean adapting the approach to task for our SEND children
  • Specially trained support staff can deliver particular strategies or interventions for your child
  • Specific resources/equipment can be sourced to support your child individually and in groups