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19. Who are the support services that can help parents with pupils who have Special Educational Needs?



How they support parents

How to contact them

Speech and language therapy

Parents can take their child to a clinic appointment. The therapist will give you guidance on how to continue to support your child at home.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech and language then the GP is able to refer you to NHS Speech Therapy

Communication and Autism Team

Difficulties around communication skills and autistic spectrum

0121 675 5057

Sensory Support Services

Discuss assessments and support for hearing and visual impairments

0121 303 1793

Family Support worker

Emotional support, completing referral to local support groups, debt advice, accessing counselling, housing support and support for completion of forms

School are able to do a referral to the Early Help Support. Please see Mrs Mellor or Ms Kenny


Support in improving attendance and punctuality. This is run by the Education Welfare Service/ Local Authority.

Sam 0121 675 5059

Autism West Midlands

Support for parents with behaviour strategies, managing sensory issues, funding etc. or 0121 450 7582

Forward Thinking Birmingham

Support for young people with mental health concerns – discuss and plan support with parents

0121 303 9193

Edward’s Trust

Bereavement support or 0121 454 4838