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Caritas Ambassadors

Our Caritas Ambassadors 



The Caritas Ambassadors are a selection of students who are witnesses to God’s faith by putting prayers into action and supporting those who are less fortunate than themselves.


The team are comprised of children in Year 5 and 6 and are led by Mrs Mellor. At the start of the year, the team decide which charities they are going to support and what areas of the Catholic Social Teaching needs our attention. Together they create an action plan for the year that will raise money and awareness and encourage others into action themselves.

May 2024 - Dignity of the Worker 

Our Caritas Ambassadors volunteered to take over toast duty during their playtime as part of their work on Dignity of the Worker. They have been working hard to research Fairtrade for an upcoming event later in the Summer Term as part of their focus on the half term's CST focus! Watch this space!

March 2024

Mental Health Activities 

The Caritas Ambassadors feel it is their responsibility to care for everyone's mental health so they lead a mental health week in school with different activities each day. The Caritas Ambassadors wanted to boost children's self-esteem and ensure that children felt their dignity was being upheld. 

February 2024

Our Caritas Ambassadors have been busy talking to the public and shop keepers in our local area on how to keep the community tidy!


26th January 2024

Our Caritas Ambassadors led a wonderful prayer and liturgy about our Catholic Social Teaching theme to the whole school.

11th January 2024

The Caritas Ambassadors had their first meeting of the half term to discuss how they will deliver the Catholic Social Teaching theme this over the next few weeks.

10th November 2023

As part of out work on the Catholic Social Teaching Family and Community, Our Caritas Ambassadors volunteered to work at our community cafe! They served drinks and soup to family members, parishioners and members of our local community before relaxing with their own bowl of tasty soup!

October 2023

A big well done to our Caritas Ambassadors who made and sold some beautiful keychains for charity. The money raised went to Teenage Cancer Trust.

September 2023


Our Caritas Ambassadors are demonstrating their stewardship of God's creation by litter-picking in the local area.

Prayer Service for Morocco

September 2023

Our Caritas Ambassadors were so moved by the devastating earthquake in Morocco that they asked Miss McDonagh if they could spend their playtime planning a special prayer and liturgy service. The children planned and led a very moving and respectful service during their lunchtime in the chapel. 

Caritas Ambassador Meeting 

July 2023

On 11th July, our Caritas Ambassadors met with their fellow Caritas Ambassadors from around Birmingham to discuss the projects they have undertaken this year. They were also lucky enough to meet Bishop David and take part in a prayer and liturgy service. It was wonderful to see such faith in action!

Litter Picking 

June 2023


Our Caritas Ambassadors noticed how much litter had accumulated in our local area so they spoke to some members of staff to organise an after-school litter pick. The children were perfect examples of being stewards of God's creation. 

Designing a Mascot

May 2023


Our Caritas Ambassadors met with Year 4 and Year 5 to discuss their plans to design a Caritas mascot. We're excited to see the children's designs!


May 2023 

Some of our Caritas Ambassadors have been busy planting seeds to celebrate King Charles' coronation. The children's actions reflect their understanding of being stewards of God's creation. At St. Peter's, we embrace the responsibility of caring for the Earth and its resources. 


F from Year 4 said "We want to build a more sustainable and beautiful world for future generations."

Earth Month

April 2023 

During Earth Month, our Caritas Ambassadors met to devise an action plan focused on sustainable practices. After thoughtful discussions, the children decided to prioritise two key initiatives. Firstly, they committed to turning off electricity when not in use, recognising the importance of conserving energy. 


Secondly, the ambassadors planned to encourage teachers to use less paper. G from Year 6  said "By reducing our paper usage, we will become a more sustainable school."


These initiatives reflect the children's dedication to environmental stewardship and their determination to make a positive impact during Earth Month and is something we plan on continuing throughout the year.

Caritas Ambassador Earth Month Action Plan

Fairtrade Fortnight 

27th February - 12th March 2023

Our Caritas ambassadors took the initiative to organise a raffle, aiming to raise funds for Fairtrade. At St. Peter's we know every individual deserves fair compensation and respect for their work. Staff were so impressed at the children's concern for the common good and the well-being of all individuals, especially those in disadvantaged circumstances. 

Visit to St. Chad's - February 2023

Accompanied by Sr. Margaret, our Caritas Ambassadors embarked on a visit to St. Chad's, bringing along donations of food and toiletries. The experience was enlightening for the ambassadors as they witnessed firsthand the impact of their contributions in supporting the poor and vulnerable in Birmingham.


S from Y6 said, "It really opened my eyes to see how our donations make a difference in people's lives. I feel grateful to be part of this initiative and to have the opportunity to help those in need."


The visit gave the Caritas Ambassadors the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ways in which our donations directly support individuals facing adversity. The visit helped the children to understand that even the smallest contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of others.


Caritas Ambassadors Mass (Sunday 2nd October 2022)

Today our Caritas Ambassadors celebrated mass and formally introduced themselves to our parish. They spoke about their role and their aims to be stewards of God's creation this academic year and asked parishioners to come to them with any ideas or extra projects they could become involved in.