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Mini Vinnies

Our Mini Vinnies


Mini Vinnies at St. Peter's are a voluntary group of children who meet to pray and discuss ways in which they can help support  our community and make a positive difference. Our Mini Vinnies turn concern into action as they live by the simple formula of 'see, think, do' to find people in need and help them in any way they can. 



Meet Our Mini Vinnies

Easter 2024

Our Mini Vinnies organised for our school to donate Easter eggs. The Easter eggs went to St. Basil's Homeless Charity. We would like to thank our families and staff for their generosity in supporting this collection. 

December 2023


A big thank you to our Mini Vinnies for packaging up donations as Christmas presents for the homeless. Thank you to our wonderful families for their generosity!

November 2023


Our Mini Vinnies met with Pauline from our local SVP to discuss their future fundraising ventures and to ask her questions about her work with the St Vincent de Paul Society. Thank you for your time, Pauline!

November 2023

The Mini Vinnies met with Sister Margaret to discuss how best to work together to support families in our community. 

October 2023


A big thank you to our wonderful Mini Vinnies for organising a fantastic harvest collection! Thank you to our wonderful families and for their generous donations! All donations will go to our local SVP foodbank.

Donations to St. Chad's Sanctuary 

July 2023 


During Refugee Week, our Mini Vinnies decided to organise a donation of toiletries specifically for the individuals who use the facilities at St. Chad's Sanctuary. On Monday 10th July, some of our Mini Vinnies visited the Sanctuary to take in the donations and see firsthand where the contributions go and who they help.


Visiting St. Chad's Sanctuary allowed the children to witness the impact of their donations. This firsthand experience gave the Mini Vinnies a greater understanding of the challenges faced by refugees and the importance of supporting them.

Litter Picking

June 2023

Some of our Mini Vinnie children noticed an accumulation of litter around the school and took the initiative to organise an after-school litter pick. Their actions demonstrated exceptional stewardship of God's creation and a genuine concern for our shared environment. By actively engaging in activities like litter picking, these children are not only keeping our school clean, but also showing a deep respect and responsibility for the world we live in.


D from Year 6 said, "I enjoy litter picking and seeing what a difference we can make. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for all!"

Litter Picking April 2023

Our Mini Vinnie group demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship by addressing a growing issue of litter in our local area. Taking matters into their own hands, they organised a highly successful litter picking event that took place after school. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the children were commendable as they actively participated in cleaning up the community.


Well done to our Mini Vinnie group for their outstanding commitment to making a cleaner and more sustainable community for us all.

Mini Vinnie Mass
Sunday 26th March 2023

Our Mini Vinnies led Sunday mass beautifully and spoke eloquently about their roles within the school and wider community after Fr Gary's homily. 


Following the mass, the Mini Vinnies had a special opportunity to meet with adults from the St. Vincent de Paul Society. This allowed them to engage in meaningful discussions, learn more about the society's work and gain further insights into the impact of their own efforts. Speaking with the adults provided the Mini Vinnies with a chance to understand the broader context of their compassionate initiatives and the importance of their contributions in helping those in need.


To celebrate their hard work, there was a cake waiting for the Mini Vinnies after mass. This was to acknowledge their dedication and efforts as well as the positive impact they have made in our community. 


Thank you to everyone involved!

Collection for St. Chad's

The Mini Vinnies group organised a food collection to support St. Chad's Sanctuary in Birmingham. Understanding the challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees, the students took the initiative to gather  food items from our school community.


The collected food was distributed to those who use the services of St. Chad's Sanctuary, providing vital support to vulnerable individuals and families. 


V from Year 6 , a member of the Mini Vinnies, said, "We are delighted to be able to make a difference to the vulnerable people of Birmingham."

Mini Vinnie Food Bank Visit (December 2022)

The Mini Vinnies took the initiative to collect food items from our school community, encouraging students, staff and parents to contribute to the cause. They then met with adults from the St. Vincent de Paul Society to organise these donations into food parcels that would benefit individuals and families facing food insecurity.


The children were able to witness the impact of their efforts firsthand. They were able to see the dedication of the volunteers and the importance of their contributions in supporting those in need.


S from Year 3 said "Visiting the food bank was such an eye-opening experience. It was amazing to see how our donations were making a real difference in people's lives. I feel grateful to be a part of the Mini Vinnies and to have the chance to help others in need."


E from Year 4 said "Working with the SVP was interesting and enjoyable. It was so nice to see the impact of our efforts. It made me realise the importance of coming together to support those who are less fortunate."

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon! (Friday 30th September 2022)

Our wonderful Mini Vinnies helped organise, collect and sell coffee and cakes for our annual Macmillan coffee afternoon. As always, we are extremely grateful to our generous families for donating so many delicious cakes and for spending the afternoon raising money for a fantastic cause.

Easter Collection 2022

Our Mini Vinnies wanted to support St. Basil's Charity this Easter by donating Easter eggs and other chocolate treats. We would like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful children and families for donating so generously. 


Prayer Bags (October 2021)

Our Mini Vinnies did a wonderful job in helping to sort out our brand new prayer bags. They helped to decide what should be included, helped to print out class prayers and prayer cards and then bagged everything up beautifully. They then went to each classroom and explained to children how to use the prayer bags and spoke about how to take care of them. 

Harvest (October 2021)

A big thank you to all of our lovely children and parents for donating so much for harvest this year! Our Mini Vinnies did a wonderful job collecting the food from classrooms, helping with the beautiful display and checking the best-before dates! At St. Peter's, we believe in helping those in need and will do all we can to support our community. We're very proud to have been able to help so many people in  need.

Books To Africa! (September 2021)

Our Mini Vinnies teamed up with our Head Boy and Girl to help select books to send to Africa. At St. Peter's, we believe in supporting the poor and vulnerable. We understand that poverty comes in a variety of forms across the world and our children wanted to make a difference. Our Mini Vinnies and Head Children were happy to have been able to provide children with reading books and make a difference to their educations.