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Mini Vinnies

Our Mini Vinnies


Mini Vinnies at St. Peter's are a voluntary group of children who meet to pray, discuss and support however they can to help make a difference in our community. Our Mini Vinnies turn concern into action as they live by the simple formula of 'see, think, do' to find people in need and help them in any way they can. 



Meet Our Mini Vinnies

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon! (Friday 30th September 2022)

Our wonderful Mini Vinnies helped organise, collect and sell coffee and cakes for our annual Macmillan coffee afternoon. As always, we are extremely grateful to our generous families for donating so many delicious cakes and for spending the afternoon raising money for a fantastic cause.

Easter Collection 2022

Our Mini Vinnies wanted to support St. Basil's Charity this Easter by donating Easter eggs and other chocolate treats. We would like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful children and families for donating so generously. 


Prayer Bags (October 2021)

Our Mini Vinnies did a wonderful job in helping to sort out our brand new prayer bags. They helped to decide what should be included, helped to print out class prayers and prayer cards and then bagged everything up beautifully. They then went to each classroom and explained to children how to use the prayer bags and spoke about how to take care of them. 

Harvest (October 2021)

A big thank you to all of our lovely children and parents for donating so much for harvest this year! Our Mini Vinnies did a wonderful job collecting the food from classrooms, helping with the beautiful display and checking the best-before dates! At St. Peter's, we believe in helping those in need and will do all we can to support our community. We're very proud to have been able to help so many people in  need.

Books To Africa! (September 2021)

Our Mini Vinnies teamed up with our Head Boy and Girl to help select books to send to Africa. At St. Peter's, we believe in supporting the poor and vulnerable. We understand that poverty comes in a variety of forms across the world and our children wanted to make a difference. Our Mini Vinnies and Head Children were happy to have been able to provide children with reading books and make a difference to their educations.