St Peter's Catholic

Primary School

"Loved by Jesus, we love, we learn, we live and grow together for Him"

Reception Classroom

Welcome to the Reception Classroom. It is here we begin our learning journey at St Peter's. Reception is a vital year for your child as they begin their time in Primary School. At St Peter's, we aim to offer your child an engaging, inspiring curriculum where they are challenged and encouraged to achieve their very best. Our children know that they can achieve anything they wish, we are here to support and guide them in this. 


Miss Flanagan is the current Reception Class Teacher. She has been teaching at St Peter's for five years across Key Stage One and Early Years. 

Mrs Naughton

Mrs Naughton is the current Reception Teaching Assistant. She has been teaching at St Peter's for seven years across both Key Stages and Early Years.

Our Classroom

At St Peter's we are very proud of our Early Years Classroom environment. It provides a rich, stimulating learning experience where children are encouraged to work independently through a balance of child led and adult led learning. 
This is our Carpet Area. It is here we spend short periods of time each day completing our whole class learning together. We take part in daily phonics, maths and wider curriculum area lessons such as 'Religious Education' and 'Understanding the World'. We develop good behaviours for learning by showing we are ready to learn with good sitting, good looking and listening. 
Children are encouraged to use their imagination in the 'Creative Area'. It is here they will use a range of media and materials to design, build create and evaluate their masterpieces. We love to display our work on the Art Gallery.

We love to explore in the role play area. It is here we are able to step into different roles to become who we want to be. The role play area changes throughout the year from a home, to school to a doctors surgery and much more! 

We love exploring using different resources on our Maths table. We encourage children to develop their thinking through reasoning and explaining how they know something they have learned. We develop a secure use of five and tens frames, numicon and much more in the Reception year.

To develop our children's independence, we have a daily star job that children are encouraged to complete independently before the school day ends. They have one star job each day that consolidates previous learning to ensure children are not tackling anything new without prior teaching. Children thrive on the independence and are very proud completing their work and putting it in the finished box.