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Early Reading and Phonics

Early Reading and Phonics

Reading begins in the Foundation Stage through sharing books with simple or no text so that the children can learn how to tell a story using images. Teachers read a wide range of books to children, for pleasure and enjoyment alongside their own home reading books. Children have access to library books, to read with an adult at home, to develop their vocabulary ad comprehension skills orally. From this, when children have knowledge of phonemes, they are exposed to books with words, in September of their first half term of Reception.

If you have any questions or queries, in relation to Phonics, Miss Luff is readily available to speak and support at school.


Read, Write, Inc

We follow the ‘Read, Write Inc’ scheme to teach phonics from Reception to Year Two, and where is needed in Key Stage Two. Read Write Inc Phonics is a proven synthetic phonics programme that ensures early success in reading, writing and spelling.
Children have phonics teaching, for 30 minutes each morning and 30 minutes RWI reading time each afternoon.
We use the RWI book bag books to support our reading, alongside supplementary books which match the sounds, for children to take home.

We have a 'RWI Progression of Sounds'. This outlines where children should be at the end of each half term. Children who are not where they should be, are monitored and tracked for the One to One Tutoring Programme in order to catch up. Equally, if children are absent from school, they are one to one tutored to ensure they do not have any sound gaps.

We also have a 'RWI Progression of Skills' which is a more in depth, look at how many sounds children will know, at the end of each half term.

There is an 'Order of Sounds' which feature the rhyme that links with the sound  alongside this. The order of sounds is vital in matching our reading books which only contain the sounds children have been taught.

Parental Support

Supporting your child's phonics journey is crucial in their attainment and love for reading. We hold parent workshops, in the Autumn Term of Reception, where parents are invited to watch a Phonics session, in the classroom to learn more about how it is structured and the way we teach reading.
The video below will give you information about Read, Write, Inc and how you can further support.

Parent video: What is Read Write Inc Phonics

How to Say the Sounds

Sound blending

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