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Online Safety

Protecting young people and adults properly means thinking beyond the school environment. Broadband, Wi-Fi and 3/4/5G connections now mean the world wide web is available anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the introduction of the internet on games consoles, tablets and mobile phones mean it is becoming increasingly difficult to safeguard our children from the dangers hidden in cyberspace.


Our children will not only be working online in school or at home; their personal devices are not always covered by network protection and it is, therefore, imperative that they are educated on the risks involved with using the internet and are provided with guidance and a range of strategies on how to act if they see, hear or read something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Please see links below that may help you to safeguard your children online:

Twitter Wake up Wednesday

The National Online Safety add helpful Wednesday updates. To follow their updates add @natonlinesafety