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9. How are the staff in school helped to work with children with SEND and what training do they have?

In our school we believe that all staff should be involved in supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs, disabilities and medical needs so we make sure that staff have training to help them do this.

• Staff have received level 2 training to support children with Autism.

• All staff receive annual training on support for medical needs, this includes administering an Epi-­­pen, asthma awareness, diabetes awareness and allergy awareness.

• Speech and language training is delivered in house, as well as through outside support.

• Pupil and School Support, Communication and Autism and the Educational Psychologist train staff with strategies that they can use to support all learners in their class.

• As well as this various members of staff have been trained for different aspects of Special Educational Needs and interventions including phonics, precision teaching, Elklan- A language programme, teaching assistant maths support.

Staff training needs are reviewed on a regular basis dependant on the needs of our children and whenever a need arises.

Medical needs are discussed on an individual basis. School would liaise with the school nurse as appropriate to create a Care Plan. The school has a policy regarding the administration and managing of medicines on the school site. Please see the “Administration of prescribed medicines” policy.